I should be sleeping but instead I’m lying, eyes glazing and picking out patterns from the flecks in my ceiling. Possibility gnaws at me.

You would think it’d be a pleasant sensation. Emblazoned, proudly paraded, chin jutting out – the modern world declares:

‘You can be anything to want to be! Want it enough and it will be yours!’ 

I once remember sitting during an assembly at secondary school. The entire contents I cannot remember. But, somewhere between pulling at a developing hole on the cuff of my sleeve and shifting between cross legged and knees under chin, I do remember hearing about the evil of complacency. Never be complacent. Complacency as a sin. It shook me to my core and over 10 years later it continues to reverberate somewhere within. 

Do something. Just do something. But don’t just do it. Love it. Be inspired and inspire by it. Be fulfilled but also continue to stride forwards so you can swell out your fulfilledness. 

If I shut my eyes for long enough then perhaps these possibilities will stop picking at me. Keep hurtling after all these white rabbits with pocket watches and soon all that’ll be left is a pile of bleached white bones.


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